About Turtle Anarchy

The brewery began as a weekend hobby between brothers. We would get home from classes on Fridays and immediately start preparing for a long weekend of brewing. It got to the point where we were juggling three different 5-gallon batches of beer every weekend; each at different stages of brewing.

We brewed all different styles of beer: pale ales, stouts, pumpkin ales, apple ales, and even the occasional imperial hefeweizen. It was during these early brews that we discovered and shaped the kind of brewery we wanted to become and after a semester of brewing and drinking, Turtle Anarchy Brewing Company was born.

Turtle Anarchy Opens It’s Doors to the Public

In February 2012 construction began on the brewery in Franklin, TN. We installed a 15bbl brewhouse, 4 – 30bbl fermentation tanks and a taproom, all within 5,600 square feet. On July 5th, 2012 we opened our taproom for the first time and served our beers to a crowd of eager tasters.

Distribution to Bars & Restaurants

Distribution to bars and restaurants began soon after the taproom opened. At first, we self distributed in and around Franklin, TN. That quickly became a challenge, so we signed up with a local distributor and never looked back.

Our beer quickly spread in Nashville and Murfreesboro, and later in 2013, we began selling beer in Knoxville and Chattanooga.

Growth is a Good Problem

All of our beer, up until this point was sold in kegs. What comes second to that? Getting our beer into cans. We began working on different scenarios for adding more fermentation tanks and a canning line to our brewery; we found we exceeded our floor space. The next step, expand and move to a larger brewing facility.

Making the Move to Nashville

Turtle Anarchy Beer

We found a suitable space in the Nations Neighborhood of West Nashville. It has 28,000 square feet and much higher ceilings than our Franklin brewery to allow for taller fermentation tanks. Construction began in March 2015. We installed a 30bbl brewhouse, 13 fermentation tanks of all different sizes, a canning line, a bottling line, and even a small kegging line.


Joining Forces

In January 2021, R.S. Lipman Brewing Company, the family-owned brewery behind Hap & Harry’s Tennessee Beers, announced the acquisition of two local breweries: Little Harpeth Brewing and Turtle Anarchy. The deal combines a community of storied, local craft beers with an intention to sustain Nashville’s local craft beer history while maintaining the unique brand personalities.